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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

3D Forensic Animator for over 15 years
5 years as Senior Animator, US Chemical Safety Board
10 Years with private engineering firms/law firms
Trial testimony experience

3D Forensic Samples

Above are just a sample of the hundreds of animations I've done over the years.  In addition to court cases, my work can be seen on The Science Channel in shows such as Failure Analysis.  I started my forensic career specializing in industrial accidents, but in the last few years my legal clients have begun asking for personal injury and motor vehicle accident animations.  I'm trained not only in 3D animation but also character animation and human bio-mechanics.  I'm fluent in multiple 3D software applications and specialized applications for physical realism of 3D rendered images.

Photogrammetry survey of accident scenes

I was trained in photogrammetry and matchmoving techniques by FXPHD.com, and I've transferred that high-end visual effects training to legal cases.  I'm often asked to do drone site surveys of accident scenes which I convert to point clouds and eventually to 3D meshes.  I'm an FAA 107 licensed drone pilot.